1 Hour Team Viewer Assistance

With this card you have an hour assistance 18/24H 6/7J remote maintenance or computer e-learning.
The operation is simple, with this card, you can always contact one of our technicians available via our online chat and have an efficient and personalized assistance.


50,01 €

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No need to wait several days as your computer teaches repair your machine shop.

Today 80% of repairs of home computers are linked to virus infections and malware that slow or block your computer.

These types of failures can be resolved remotely! With software Getting Started remotely like TeamViewer .
Our qualified technicians work on your system and perform the necessary repairs or adjustments .
They communicate with you via Mic / Cam or by phone if you do not have the right equipment.
Available 18/24H and 6/7J , we provide after - sales service ensuring our repairs with the possibility to get your money back if you are not satisfied 3 months.
A problem in Word ? An incorrect formula in Excel? The home page of your web browser has changed? We put at your disposal a team of technicians computer enthusiasts and trainers available to answer your software questions .
The support Team Viewer card also offers you the opportunity to train you or offer credit available to a loved one .
Buyer of an e -mail confirmation is sent to you with a secret code that will be required before each intervention.
Your timer available will be available on your account at any time you can re can credit or even offer credits to a friend.
With our solution , you just need to contact a technician through online chat.
The description of the mission and operation time are fixed , the technician will guide you through the software installation grip remote (available here) then your PIN is required to start the operation.
Once the procedure is completed, your support Team Viewer counter is credited and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you .
Simplify troubleshooting and your IT training through Team Viewer support cards.
For more information on Remote Desktop , here is a complete guide from our partner in 1001 News: