Montain Lion - Level 3 - Team work

Improve your skills on OS X Mountain Lion.
Level 2 required.
Training at home or in business for 5 persons.

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Main phases of operation of a site with Mac OS X

Installation ( supplements)
Post -installation operations

Setting options and startup files
Launchd in detail
Scripts start and stop
Customize Startup and shutdown

Disk Management
Creating file systems and maintenance (assembly, possible types , ... )
High availability and RAID software
Resizing HFS + ( Mac Intel)
Configuration and management of virtual memory ( swap)

File Management
Elements visible / hidden details
Metadata Unix
Metadata Apple HFS +
Access control lists

Energy management
Watch and Clock
Hibernation ( on Intel Mac laptops )

Administration of user accounts and groups
Features user accounts
Creating Groups
Files and commands used for the declaration of new accounts
Confidentiality in a Mac OS X environment
Management "Preferences"
Definition of shares in connection

Installing new software
Since a "package " (with precise management of these packages)
Compiling an Application
Alternative tools ( MacPorts , Fink, ... )

Print Management Backup, archiving
Removable Disk
CD- R or DVD- R ( imaging , engraving )
Magnetic tape
Time Machine
Duplicating disks or partitions
Choice of software tools


Programming repetitive tasks and deferred

Log Management
Configuration (sources, destinations)
Rotation ( and related actions )

Management aspects (TCP / IP) on Mac OS X

Setting network interfaces
Principle of " slots"
Static (manual)
DHCP (automatic)
Auto - configuration
Default Gateway
virtual interfaces

System name resolution

Local directory system

Access to network directories

Advanced Configuration of network services
Tethering by address translation (NAT)
Web (HTTP)
File Server (FTP, SMB)
Email (SMTP , POP3, IMAP4)
Firewall (firewall)

Integration in a heterogeneous environment
Setting the Windows domain name

Security in Mac OS X

The tools at our disposal.
Evocation tools intrusion detection (IDS , NIDS )

Access controls
User-oriented (WFP)
Managing passwords
Host oriented (TCP wrapper )
Oriented applications ( firewall application )

Prevention and Mitigation
Delegation of responsibility
Access to the root account (activation of the latter )
Encryption of swap files


Elaboration of PLCs " Applicative "

Elaboration of PLCs "System"
Shell ( s) Unix
Interpreted available languages ( Perl , Python , Ruby, ... )

Remote maintenance, incident management and settings for

Access settings noyauTélémaintenance , remote administration
Text mode (telnet, ssh , screen )

Statistics / Performance
Diagnosing problems
Repairing permissions
Repairing a File System

Updating the system

Training in business or home.
Duration: 1 hour
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Montain Lion - Level 3 - Team work

Montain Lion - Level 3 - Team work

Improve your skills on OS X Mountain Lion.
Level 2 required.
Training at home or in business for 5 persons.

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